Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oh, Wow!!

It's finally official. Let's Go! has been announced as the 2009 Grade One Giveaway Book sponsored by TD Canada Trust and the Canadian Children's Book Centre.


This means that in November grade 1 kids all across Canada will get a special copy of the book!!!! For free!! That's like 500,000 kids. I'm kinda speechless.

While I have known about this for awhile, my family was starting to think I was delusional since, you know, if I say it's true it doesn't actually really truly mean it's true (good life lesson that, although sometimes you'd like to be taken on your word). But I can doubt my own sanity--on this matter--no longer. There's proof out there!!

Too cool.

This is a terrific program that's been in place for several years now. I know my own kids, who will sadly all be just past that grade 1 milestone next fall, have really enjoyed getting books from this program in the past.

I am truly honoured and lucky to have had such excellent collaborators with this book. Scot Ritchie. Maple Tree Press. Thank you!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cue the Crickets

I am so busy at the moment I need to neglect my blog for a couple weeks. Will talk more about a project I'm working on when it's more of a reality...and hopefully, possibly, betterbe done.

In the meantime, while the crickets chirp and frolic here, I recommend you check out Gregory K's blog for a fabulous month of poetry celebrations. Interviews with poets, poems, and more!

Hop on over to

But come back later this month, okay? Please...