Monday, July 27, 2009

Struggling with Summer

Judging by the gaps in my posts here, it's probably obvious that I'm struggling with the summer thing. I love summer, but it's a challenge to fit in my writing work with the kids home.
There are kids swimming lessons,
kids sports practices
and games
and tournaments,
play dates,
and relatives that come for a visit.

This region of the province, Muskoka, is considered vacation land or cottage country, so the population doubles in the summer. They're all here to relax! The whole atmosphere becomes vacation!
this event,
that festival,
the must-attend annual celebration,
the new cool location.

Not that I pay attention to all of that. But it's there.

The kids...the things to's all good; I just have to figure out how I fit my own stuff into it.

And I'd better figure it out. I've got another book project to complete.

(Speaking of distractions, in the midst of typing this, I just saw a bear in my backyard!)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Slug Sightings

I saw this slug today. Definitely not unusual considering all the rain we've had. But apparently this year the slugs are getting so confident, so bold and so sure of themselves they're...

... hitching rides to your garden. Sheesh!

(No kidding, this slug was on somebody's car in a parking lot when I saw it. I didn't make this up.)