Friday, November 23, 2007

A Detour

Sometimes when I'm writing it seems like things magically come together. It's probably not magic but rather the fact that most of my brain is obsessed with a topic so I just find myself seeking it out wherever I happen to be.

Earlier this summer my family and I were out and about and we took a detour because a sign said pretty much: This way to covered bridge. We discovered this amazing historic site--a bridge built in 1881 in West Montrose. It's now one of the only covered bridges in Ontario and, according to the blue information sign, was built because horses much preferred to cross covered bridges since they weren't distracted or spooked by the sight of water down below their hooves. Pretty neat since Let's Go!: The Story of Getting from There to Here is all about transportation history.

But as if that wasn't enough, just after I took those photos I heard a clip-clopping that could only be horse's hooves. It was a surreal moment as I wondered briefly what century I had entered when I crossed the bridge. I watched and listened in awe as a horse and buggy trotted across the bridge and carried on down the road.

It almost seemed a shame that I had to drive away in a car. Almost....

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