Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ship Sighting

This past weekend I found myself in Owen Sound. (Minor hockey. 'nuff said.) Historically the city was quite the important shipping hub since it's on Georgian Bay in Lake Huron. I got all excited when I saw this ship at the warf.

It was huge. The size is difficult to convey in a photo.

It was getting dark so the light isn't great. I zoomed in a little which made for a slightly better pic.

Then I felt the need to get all artistic. I call this next one "Massive Transportation Device as seen from Personal Transportation Device."

Okay, so it could use some work on a lot of levels.

Too bad I didn't have the courage to photograph the guy just to the left of my vehicle here, the guy who attempted to drive up the driveway to the ship and got stuck. (Yeah, what driveway? There was a path through the snow, not visible to the human eye in this photo, up to the ship. Apparently someone had used it, but I wasn't gonna try.). So anyway, this man got stuck at the very start of this supposed path and was gunning his engine and spinning his wheels as I took this shot. Ahh, the sound of Canada in the winter.

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