Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Special School Visit

On Friday I visited the school I attended as a kid, Kilbride Public School. What fun to go back to the place that had such a huge influence on me. My talk was in the library and, while it wasn't in the same physical location as it was when I went there to school, it was quite amazing to be there again.

I talked to students from grades K to 4 (at different times) about Let's Go! and The Nature Treasury as well as about the process of writing and editing a book. They tried to convince me that some of them had taken the space shuttle to school, but I wasn't biting. (Although it may be possible that one or all of them could travel in space by the time they're grownups.) What a terrific group of kids. Thanks to everyone for listening. I hope that all of you go for your dreams.

And thanks, too, to Sharon and Ruth for organizing the visit.

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