Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How Can I Quit Reading?

I love to read. I have a pile of books to read that my friends have lent me. I find it hard to leave a school book fair without buying something, and I have real trouble resisting just one little bookstore book purchase. And through all this I keep going to the library to borrow more.

Writers are supposed to be readers, aren't we? But here's the problem:
I'm coming to the conclusion that if I read less I might actually write more. As in, if I put some of that time into my own writing I might have more to market. If I start reading, and if it's a good book, I have real trouble putting it down. I want to finish it right away. So what can I do?

I could quit cold turkey. But what would I do without a book when I wait for one of my kids at skating or jazz or hockey practice? What would I do without a book when I have to take them to some appointment or other? What would I do without a book when I'm waiting for dinner to cook? Oops, maybe that one I can do without. (Yes, I have been known to stir dinner with one hand and read with the other!)

Anyone else have this problem? How do you moderate your reading habit?

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