Thursday, February 18, 2010

Boats and Bushplanes

It was a seven-hour road trip to The Soo last weekend. Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. (That's one of those names you just had to memorize in geography class, isn't it?)

Why was I there? Kid. Competitive sports. But I kept to my resolve to embrace the madness and find something interesting in the odd corners of the province I find myself in. This time it was the Bushplane Heritage Centre.

I'd become aware of this museum while researching for the bushplane stage of Let's Go! We used the Norseman as a good model for the visual in the book. They have one there! Visitors can actually climb inside one. So I did. Very cool.

Once inside I realized that I'm not so sure I'd want to actually fly in this or any bushplane, though. I'm a chicken flyer. Getting up close to all the bushplanes really gave me an appreciation for the planes and their pilots. And the props inside the Norseman gave me a chuckle: empty beer cases.Very Canadian.

We even saw a couple ships at the waterfront, but it really was the wrong time of year to see much activity there. 
Too bad too because I really would have liked to see the Great Lakes shipwreck museum, and maybe look at the locks. Lots of transportation technology there.
So I can now say I've been to the Soo. Woo-hoo! 

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