Friday, May 13, 2011

When Turkeys Play Chicken

So you can be driving your mom-mobile, coming home from the grocery store. Your mind can be wandering and you’re enjoying singing along to the radio because you have some time to yourself. Not much is going on in this mundane moment.

Then something catches your eye and you can’t quite believe it but a turkey has jumped out of the bush on the left side of the road and is now strutting towards your lane. Now running. You calculate that--OMG--your trajectories will definitely meet. You inch over to the right hoping turkey will slow. You inch over more. No, it’s not going to work. The geometry and physics are undeniable.

Are you going to slam on the brakes and probably hit the bird anyway? Are you going to drive off the road and risk sliding into the rocks or trees?

You are seriously wishing for your mundane boring drive back again when some turkey- brained thought or instinct tells it to turn around. It races for the ditch on the side of the road from which it emerged.

For both of you.

It can happen....

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