Friday, July 8, 2011

Beautiful Beetle

Green beetle, sheen beetle
six-spotted tiger beetle
soaking up sun on a stone

Green beetle, sheen beetle
six-spotted tiger beetle
seeing me near so you've flown

Not top quality verse, just for fun.

The Facts
I found this cool insect by one of my flower gardens. Such an amazing dazzling emerald shade! I wanted to know more about this creature. It really is called a six-spotted tiger beetle.
Here are some good links for tiger beetle info in case you want to know more too:

Types of tiger beetles in Ontario

Comprehensive US site on Tiger Beetles

Scientific info on ground beetles of Canada

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Dianne said...

Beautiful bug - weird name, seeing as it looks like it has 8 spots and looks nothing like a tiger. :)

Lizann Flatt said...

You're right Dianne. And that's one of the things the research said that the six spotted beetle could have fewer or more than six spots. I think tiger comes from associations with being a fierce predator...of other bugs.

Thanks for reading!