Sunday, May 25, 2008

Nothing To Write About

It's been a while since I updated this blog. That's because I have nothing to write about.

No, apparently the fact that I saw three rainbows in three days is nothing much to write about. One was a very vivid but short-lived partial rainbow, so I didn't get a picture of it. The other two were faint, huge side-by-side rainbows. Spectacular sights! But I guess nothing to write about.

The fact that I had to
a) pull over to the side of the road to discuss a matter of discipline in a very serious manner with my kids, only to
b) pull back onto the road, drive for about half a kilometre, and then
c) start yelling to the kids like a crazy person when I saw a moose having a meal on the side of the road.
We all enjoyed that sight. The previous disciplinary interlude was forgotten, and they forgave me for being perhaps a little too excitable that day. But still, apparently that's nothing to write about either.

Or the fact that due to a bathtub mishap water leaked from the upstairs bathroom floor down into the downstairs bathroom ceiling and wall and then further down into the basement, which we'd just finished with drywall this past winter, and which caused all manner of panic and mayhem with towels strewn everywhere for mopping up the mess. Fortunately damage was minimal. No, I guess that's nothing much to write about either.

Hmmm, too bad I've got nothing to write about.

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