Thursday, November 27, 2008

Buns at the Door

Yes, those are sandwich buns on the ground just outside a door in a plaza in town. Not a great photo but it's from my phone.

I just had to take this picture. The scene got me thinking, like it was a story played out I'd just missed seeing. . . or was it yet to be played out? Did those buns spill out of the cardboard box? Did someone open the door and dump them out on the pavement? Was it an accident or were they left there on purpose? Will they stay there until they turn to mush and disintegrate? Will they become a feast for a bird or mouse or rat or homeless person?

I guess I found this sight oddly moving...curious...thought provoking....


Rebecca said...

It can be funny, the things that get us thinking. These moments happen for me regularly, though I can honestly say that I've never pondered the appearance of a couple of buns outside a doorway. There've been plenty of other odd ponderings, though.

I hope you post about it if all these thoughts about the buns inspire a story.

Lizann Flatt said...

Thanks, Rebecca. Not sure if it'll lead to a story but you never know! Fun to ponder these things. You're right about that.