Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lunch Leftovers

I'm currently denying the existence of the snow outside. It appears now that it's here to stay. So this is a shot from a couple weeks ago. Someone was kind enough to leave their lunch leftovers at the end of my driveway.

Yeah, thanks for the litter, pal.

What possesses someone to just chuck something like that out a car window? "Oh, those people will just put it in the garbage for me, no problem."


Sure, I did dispose of the offending matter but come on! Would it have hurt you to do it yourself? Sheesh!!!!

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Lizann Flatt said...

Litter Update
At least the lunch bag was better than the BEER BOTTLE I found on Saturday morning. That's disturbing on so many levels. I wish I could even say this was the first time for such a find....
Good thing I found it before it was buried by the 10cm of snow we got later that day, which would likely have resulted in it being shattered by the snowblower. ?!?!?!?