Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Snow Spectre

The Snow Spectre is haunting me. I know because...

...I had to be winched out of the ditch in my driveway after driving off it in slippery snow

...the tow truck who winched me subsequently got stuck in my driveway because it broke through the hard packed base and became mired in the stuff hubby had to be come-alonged (by a neighbour) out of the driveway ditch because it is highly probably that the tow truck company will have nothing to do with us ever again this winter

...the kids have had two snow days and so missed school

...the snow, weighing down tree branches, has caused the power to go off at least once almost every day (I am now a whiz at programming the clock on my microwave, stove, coffee maker, you name it)

And that's in the last two weeks. And the white stuff keeps falling!!

Yes, the spectre of snow looms large for me. I'll try not to grumble too much but I'd better not make any promises.


Rebecca said...

Why don't you send some of that white stuff my way? I'd be happy to lessen the load a bit for you.

We finally got a decent snowfall yesterday, though only about 2 inches. More to come tomorrow, they say. Maybe we'll actually have a white Christmas this year!

Lizann Flatt said...

I would gladly give you some since with around 3 feet on the ground I've got lots to spare. Hope you do get a white Christmas. It does make the cold seem worthwhile...but I'm saying enough already!!!

And my snow spectre is what happens when it snows right after Halloween. I didn't get my decorations down in time.

Rebecca said...

We got a snow-day yesterday, and more snow today, so it looks like we'll get our white Christmas! Thanks for sharing. :-)