Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year...No?

Happy belated New Year!

I have to confess that I'm having trouble with this new year. I normally find January 1st to be a day that makes me feel rather subdued and a little melancholy. No big deal. I take down the tree, the holiday decorations, and I make a big dinner. Our extended families live a fair drive away and don't usually visit; we've seen them over Christmas already anyway.

But here it is the 8th and I'm having a hard time getting back into the swing of things. I'm still subdued and melancholy. I'm grumpy and unenthused. I'm troubling, puzzling, worrying over a number of things, so maybe by committing them to words I can expel them from my brain, or at least push them aside, so I can get on with things.

In random order:
  • I'm stalled over which of the various writing projects I have started I want to tackle seriously. This one? That one? That one's huge. That one's being difficult. This one might be stupid. I can't decide.
  • My dishwasher is making an ominous rattling noise and the dripping leak in the corner is becoming a trickle.
  • The economic news is all doom and gloom. In fact most of the news is grim. I try not to listen to it but it's hard to ignore. And I can't just become a cat lady and retire from the world...or at least not yet.
  • My car is making an intermittent funny plastic melting type of smell. My daughter, spooked, ran from the car to the house yesterday the second I was parked. I had to agree with her impulse.
  • My son was dealt a mental and emotional body blow days before Christmas by a minor hockey coach who doesn't appear to have a bone of compassion in him...and may be missing a brain too. (I didn't actually just write that down, did I?)
  • Hubby's business computer crashed two days ago. Today it was diagnosed as being beyond resuscitation.
  • I'm growing increasingly annoyed at having to put up with dialup internet, and each bill that asks me to sign up for e-billing makes me want to scream. Every ad or spot that says go to this website for complete details makes me crazy. Every store that asks if I want to be put on their e-newsletter list makes me want to hurl. The world is leaving me behind, and unless I want to cough up some serious cash to make use of the new portable cell based internet services or inferior satellite that's all I'm eligible for thank you very much (despite neighbours only a few hundred yards away both up and down the road being eligible for DSL--I am living in a black hole I tell you!!!).
  • Almost every day is a bad hair day.
  • Oh and of course there's the ever present spectre of snow. What ever happened to only getting a couple centimetres when it falls? Seems like every second day we're dumped with 10 to 15 more centimetres. I know, I know, I should just suck it up because at least I'm not freezing in -40C like they have been out west.
  • Nobody is going to like what I'm cooking for dinner tonight. I can hear it now: "Eeew, yuck! I don't wanna eat that!!!"
See, nothing extremely disastrous. I might just be a big whiner. So there: I've whined...I've wasted more time... yeah.

On we go, I hope.

May 09
be kind
to all.

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