Sunday, December 13, 2009

Of Peppermints and a Parade

Is this the cutest candy cane ever or what?

This was the highlight of the day in which we went to our local village parade. The girls were invited this morning to be on a float, but it never showed up. All the people to populate the float were there...but no float. Sigh. We walked behind the snowmobile club and its groomer for one round of town (it's so small the parade goes around twice!). But we had no banner, no sign, no apparent reason to be walking in the parade. We looked weird. So we ditched to watch the second go round and collect a few candies.

Most floats throw candies to the spectators. In other years, leftover on-sale Halloween candy seemed to be the giveaway of choice, but this year peppermint was popular: round peppermints, regular candy canes, and mini candy canes. Very appropriate.

So it was home for hot chocolate with plenty of peppermints for dunking.

Update: The no-show float organizers sent my girls a lovely little gift certificate. It's all good!

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