Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Holey Moley!

Mole Mazes

(What you see in Muskoka when the snow starts to melt.)
Those creatures are busy under the snow all winter!


Catherine Austen said...

Very cool, Lizann. I've never seen a mole maze before.My strange sight this spring was a toad thawing out beside a small hole he'd dug himself out of. The little frogsicle looked dead on top and alive on the bottom. I'm sure there's a picture book in there somewhere - the joy of a spring thaw, natural wonders all around us, etc. (Maybe you could set it outside the Fatty Patty Restaurant.) Thanks for posting your beautiful pictures.

Lizann Flatt said...

A toadsicle? Now that would be an interesting sight! Imagine being all eager to get on with your life and spring, to have to stretch and move after months of hibernation only to be frozen and paralyzed by your rash decision and/or false warm weather. Talk about bad timing. Go for it, Catherine!

Personally, when I think of my anuran pals together with Fatty Patty's Restaurant all that comes to mind are those horrible frog/toad in a blender jokes. What's wrong with me??? Ick!

Thanks for stopping in here. :>