Wednesday, May 5, 2010

NaPiBoWriWee Progress

I'm into Day 5 of NaPiBoWriWee or the National Picture Book Writing Week challenge (what? check out for the answer). How am I doing?

Not bad.

I have four picture book manuscripts done in the challenge to complete seven in seven days. Okay, those four are completely crappy. They're first drafts for sure. But four new first drafts is more than I had before I joined this challenge.

So far I'm liking this push to just write it and move on. I think what I've realized about my writing process is that I tend to get stuck wanting to perfect one idea before I move on to another. Hard to generate new material to explore if I'm always stuck on the old.

But now, at Day 5, I find myself procrastinating. I've already drafted out my top ideas or the ones I thought would be the most fun. Now I'm into the dregs of the idea file.

It may be a tough slog from here on in. But a-slogging I will go...


Rebecca said...

I've never tried NaPiBoWriWee. You go, girl!

Peni R. Griffin said...

I was hoping I could help you, but I only have one Idea Garage Sale for picture books. Maybe one of the others is suitable for PB treatment? I'm sure you've got something in your backbrain, though. I couldn't write one picture book, much less seven. Those things are hard!

Lizann Flatt said...

Thanks you guys.

I hope there's something in my backbrain, Peni. All these picture book drafts I'm hammering out are really, really rough. I mean I've told instead of shown all over the place, I have duplicate wording, missing punctuation, bad cliches, and you name it. However, better those crappy things than nothing, right?! And thanks for joining me here, Peni. :>

Anonymous said...

Amazed you could stick with your planned PBs. Most of mine went out of the window. Some because I realised I didn't have the time to devote to them this week - to fall in love with them. Others because... something better sprang to mind. It has been a great week. Glad I participated and met heaps of lovely PiBos.

Hope you catch those ideas and put them into words. :)

Lizann Flatt said...

katswhiskers, that's terrific to hear you had better ideas come up! Sounds like the week was a success for you too.