Thursday, March 6, 2008

Literacy Night

I had the chance to talk reading and writing at a Literacy Night along with my good friend and fellow writer Caroline Rennie Pattison. She talked to the older kids in the crowd and I got the younger ones.

The kids were great. They chanted with me as I read some poems I'd had published in Babybug magazine and did all the actions for the different ways to travel in Let's Go! One little girl even eyed my rubber froggie, a prop for The Nature Treasury. She looked like she wanted to pick it up and abscond with it. It was one of those moments when, as a speaker, you're trying to keep your presentation going but you're all the while thinking "Okay, do I ignore this or do something...and what?" Luckily her mom solved my dilemma.

The Canadian Children's Book Centre gave every child there a free book to take home.

The local paper did a nice writeup of the entire evening (even if I do hate the picture of myself). You can read more here.

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