Friday, March 7, 2008

Parked in Parry Sound

So there I was in Parry Sound trying to pass that dreaded hour wait before a minor hockey game (you know, because your kid has to be there an hour early to get ready allowing you time to indulge your craving in crappy snack bar food). This day I was in the car in the parking lot with the girls because it wasn't all that cold out for once. The girls were having excellent adventures with Polly and Barbie in the backseat. I found this view in my rearview mirror rather interesting.

Well, I did say I was bored.

Then I heard the whistle of a train. Parry Sound has a fabulous train bridge. It's fabulous because it's way up in the air. But alas I was in the wrong place and couldn't get to the right place in time (besides which I'd lose my stellar parking space at the arena). So here's the view of the bridge from my vantage point.

And a little to the left of that.

I can't help but count cars when I see a train. Why is that? But then my time of leisure was up. Time to get to the serious business of cheering on my favorite hockey team.

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