Friday, March 14, 2008

March Break with Snake

My fashion accessory here is a corn snake. Beautiful, no? Lent to me when we went to the Sciensational Sssnakes display at a local car dealership.

The snake took a liking to my shoulder but then it kept on going. It was crawling over my shoulder and started investigating my purse! I figured it would stop. Nope! It was actually disappearing into my bag. See?

So I'm standing there wondering what I should do. Do I pretend nothing's going on? Do I wait for someone to notice a missing snake? Do I call for help and freak out just about every four year old in the place?

At last a man in charge came over to help. I had to take the bag off my shoulder and open it while he held the last visible bit of snake and tugged on it in order to extricate it. It was firmly wedged in there! Not sure exactly what it liked. It could have been the gum wrappers, old grocery lists, a paperback novel, pencil, eraser, hairbrush, hand sanitizer, notebook, pen, Canadian Tire coupons, ancient kleenexes, lone fuzzy Skittle, grocery receipts.... Maybe it just felt like home!

Maybe it's time to clean out the purse.


(Thanks to my son who grabbed my phone to take the photos.) Here's one last one of two other corn snakes.


Becky D said...

That corn snake, c'est Du-mais-ing!

Lizette said...

Wow ! Now THAT's a snake ! Glad he was in your bag and not mine ! LOL
Great blog. Love the picture of your cat trying to get in.
Thanks for visitng my blog too.

Joan and Amy said...

Hey, I have a corn snake living in my house. I think he's cute....although when he arrived I was petrified of fear has subsided and I'll even pick him up now....I've not let him crawl on me yet though....brave girl. Joan