Thursday, April 10, 2008

Complain, complain

If you've browsed this blog a bit I'm sure you haven't failed to notice that I complained about the snow an awful lot. Turns out I might have been justified in least a little.

Yes, I'm Canadian. Yes, I live in a rural area. Yes, I should be used to snow. But nearly 18 feet in one winter? According to this article in The Bracebridge Examiner that's how much snow my part of the world got this winter. The highest in the province!

All I can say is we're lucky we had two partial melts in there.

And speaking of melts, it looks like it's finally underway for real! For the last week or so it's been a pleasure to see these signs of spring:

* the beaver paddling along the narrow shoreline melt
* the sound of a woodpecker calling and hammering
* the call of the redwing blackbird! Love those guys.
* mud
* a pair of great blue herons flying overhead
* the mallards are back

And personally, as the highway snowbanks shrink, I find it fascinating to see how many guardrail posts the snowplows took out over the winter. This year they hardly demolished any. Good job!

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