Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Melt Is On

I was out runnning errands when I drove by one of Bracebridge's many falls. It was a sight worth stopping for. All I can say is Wow. (And that I'm glad I live on high ground.)

This is the town's parking lot where I got out for a closer look at the Muskoka river. I have to confess to feeling rather nervous parking here. I had no desire for my Odyssey to go on, well, an odyssey. It looked like it would be fairly easy to set sail from this vantage point.

Yes, the town docks and walkway are completely submerged. River water would periodically splash up on the guard rails. Then I took some footage of the falls themselves. This is a still of the silver bridge in the background and the hydro generating station on the left:

I also took some movie footage with my digital camera. In an attempt to string together the clips into one movie I started playing with iMovie. I claim no expertise in any visual arena but I did come up with something that amused me in no more than about an hour (I had about a bazillion other things I should've been doing during that hour but let's put that time down to personal growth--har!).

Here is my iMovie debut:

Obviously I have a lot left to figure out...but it was fun fooling around with the software. And trust me: if I can do this so can you!

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