Monday, May 25, 2009

Driving Distractions

I guess Ontario has now officially declared fines for people found talking on cell phones while driving. Not a bad idea, really.

But there’s another hazard to driving in this part of the province these days: Bugs. Specifically, mosquitoes--skeeters. Seems no matter how fast we run to the car, or how quickly we slam the doors, we end up with a plethora of the pests inside. And then what happens? We’re forced to swat and smack and squish the nasty nuisances so they don’t alight on your arms or legs or--too true--ankles to suck your blood while you're otherwise occupied trying to negotiate the roads. I get large itchy welts from the things so I can't just ignore them.

Tell me that performing contortions to dash them against the dashboard or whacking them against your window, or that slapping yourself in the face to flatten those that are feasting on your forehead, isn’t hazardous to your driving. I have even waited until I think we’ve eliminated them all before starting out on my journey. Inevitably I get down the road a little way when the whine of one of the wily critters sends my system into full-out search and destroy mode.

I can’t win. Here’s hoping skeeter season is over soon

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