Thursday, May 14, 2009

Late Mail Surprises

I had a couple nice surprises in the mail recently.

One was a package of my author’s copies of Babybug. My poem was reprinted in it. Back in May/June 08. See my blog post for more on that.

And then my publisher’s publicist sent me two nice review clips for Let’s Go! One was from School Library Journal (scroll waaaay down) (and I'm ignoring the fact they spelled my last name wrong) and the other from Professionally Speaking (scroll down some there too). Cool! Okay, so they were from last August and June. They’re new to me.

I really don't mind the fact this news came late. It’s kinda nice to spread good news out over time. You can enjoy each bit a little more, you know? But then again I always was the type of kid who could make, and enjoyed making, any sort of good thing--candy!--last as long as possible.

A little bit of sugar can go a long way, don’t you think?

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Elaine Marie Alphin said...

Thanks so much for posting on my blog, Lizann - the real challenge is coming up with something worth saying! ; ) I'll enjoy checking out your blog, too.