Friday, June 12, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Today marks the day when I finally admit I'm bored to death of the Blogger template I've been using since day one. So, with a few clicks of the mouse, I have given my home here a makeover. What do you think?

If only spring cleaning my real house was this easy. Sigh.



Rebecca said...

I actually think cleaning my house is easier than settling on colors for my blog!

The spring green is bright and cheerful...maybe a tad too bright, but that could just be my computer.

Lizann Flatt said...

Thanks, Rebecca. I agree about the green. I guess it's a work in progress really. :>

Lizann Flatt said...

And now this whole messing around with the look here is driving me crazy. I've changed it, changed it again, and now changed it again to go back to pretty much the original. Ack! I'm done...for now. I now have to conceed that Rebecca was right and actual house cleaning is waaay easier.