Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wow, an Owl!

The sight of an owl outside my window was so rare I just had to make note of it. This isn't a great shot because I had to take it through the window and my camera doesn't have a stellar zoom lense. Proof nevertheless...

I think it's a Great Gray owl. I'm no field expert, but it seemed to fit the description given in my Audubon bird guide.

Who knew these guys actually hunted during the day (a dark, gray, dismal day)? Better go let the cat in.

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Rebecca said...

Awesome! I have always dreamed of seeing a real live owl in the wild.

Still, the birds that visit my feeders can be nice. So far my favorite is the red-headed woodpecker. And once I saw a red-tailed hawk swoop on a baby robin, which was both cool and heartbreaking, especially since the baby robin's nest was on our deck!

Sorry for rambling. Thanks for sharing the owl!