Monday, January 12, 2009

Stinky Situation Solved

At least one of the grumbles from the other day has been solved. But it’s a bit embarrassing how it all turned out. That stinky melting plastic-y smell coming from my car? I couldn’t stand it anymore. Envisioning my car catching fire while I was in the middle of nowhere among other disastrous causes/effects was driving me crazy. Only using the heater at half capacity in an attempt to avoid the smell was (a.) freezing me to death and (b.) not working. So I broke down and took the car into the garage to find the source of the stink.

Turns out a lousy plastic grocery bag had become stuck to the catalytic converter (or whatever--some part underneath the car that gets hot, I am no expert on cars) and was melting on it so the fan was blowing the smell inside the car. I’d likely driven over the bag at some point.

More litter plaguing my life!

Yet another reason to hate those plastic bags!

Bet the garage guys got a good laugh at me.

A small bit of stink lingers, like my vague feeling that perhaps I should have discovered the root cause myself, but in my defense I am not in the habit of lying on the ground and crawling under my car.

The end result is that I am a little lighter in the wallet (groan) but also a little lighter in the worry department. Phew!

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Rebecca said...

Yes, another reason to hate those darn plastic bags. I especially hate to see them "adorning" the trees in the neighborhood.

Oh, the smell would have driven me nutso!