Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day Three Down

Today was Hamilton. Another couple great groups of kids, and an interview with Hamilton's Cable 14.

Most Memorable Moments
  • the girl who, while lining up to go back to class after the presentation, turned to me and shyly said, "Thanks for your words."
  • the posters about transportation a class had made and hung on the school hall wall to prepare for our visit
Sights Seen from the Train
Too dark to see much but too tired to read, so I stared out the window anyway...
  • the startling whoosh when trains whizzed by in the opposite direction
  • the polka dot parade of headlights on the street
  • glimpsing windows and their illuminated impressions of life 
And a bonus today:

Sight Seen from a Taxi
  • the Hefty Hoagie restaurant (doesn't that sound like a perfect setting for some hometown drama novel?)

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