Monday, November 9, 2009

Weeks Past, Present and Future

Ack! What happened to last week? Two out of three kids home PD day...tour details to attend to.



5 Cities
5 Days
11 Presentations

That will be next week for me. Canadian Children's Book Week beginning November 14 will see me in Ottawa, Kingston, Hamilton, Toronto, and London. This is this year's poster.

I'm really looking forward to touring with Scot Ritchie as we talk to kids about our Grade 1 Giveaway Book. Hope everyone celebrates with a book or two--or seven (it's a WEEK after all).

I'll try to blog about it. But this means there's technology to master this week, and maybe some other posts here on some other stuff I've been up to this year.

If you smell smoke, it's not your neighbour burning leaves, it's my brain.


Von Allan said...

That just seems a little intense. Fun, but intense!

Erin said...

When are you in London? Are you visiting a school or library?

Lizann Flatt said...

Intense, yes. I'll probably collapse for days afterwards! I agree about the fun though too, Von.

Erin, London is Friday the 20th. 2 Schools that day.